The Fourth Steps to Develop a Self-Care Practice

Hi there! Christina here. I’m a guest writer this week that’s been charged with the task of introducing you to breath-work. I’ve been a loyal follower of the Farm to Kitchen Collective since its early inception and am proud to share some of my background and breath-work techniques with this growing community.  If you’ve been…Continue Reading “The Fourth Steps to Develop a Self-Care Practice”

Self-care. That word conjures images of bubble baths, pampering and massages; but, truly, self-care is so much more than these indulgences. While amazing for reducing stress, these things will only give you temporary results if Self-Care does not become a habit. I recently read an article from Forbes Magazine on LinkedIn proposing that Self-Care is…Continue Reading “The first steps to Develop a Self-Care Practice”

Water is Life! Three Simple ways to Increase Hydration without Feeling Water-Logged

Water is one of the sources of life. I’m often puzzled when someone tells me they don’t drink or like it. Without proper hydration, I am sluggish, foggy and my skin starts to get GRUMPY!! How can the body function at its best when it does not receive the most basic of needs? Recent studies claim…Continue Reading “Water is Life! Three Simple ways to Increase Hydration without Feeling Water-Logged”

To Thy Own Self be True Forty Days to Rest, Renew & Restore Looking at myself, sitting in the middle of February, something occurred to me… We are a month and a half into the new year and resolutions are starting to wane. As the strict diets, exercise routines and health initiatives have started to…Continue Reading “To Thy Own Self Be True- Forty Days to Rest Renew & Restore”