The Third Steps to Develop a Self-Care Practice

Move More. Find the Stillness. 


I love Sundays and always have.

There is something special about a Sunday that just resets the soul.

But, My Sundays are supercharged.

Weekly Schedule? Check.

Meals prepped & planned? Check.

Meetings Confirmed? Check.

I usually start Sunday Supper around 3 or 4 and I take care to plan the meal with a little extra attention. It’s the day of the week I will roll out pasta or make long, simmering meals in need of flavor and depth.

Sundays are a favorite of  adventuresome dreamers and I am always excited for what is to come. What will I learn? Who will I meet? How can I make a difference?

I take extra care this day to try to connect with myself and my husband because I know what’s coming…

Monday Morning.

The phone rings. The emails pour through and my poor phone starts taking a beating. From 8 AM to 11 PM, the operation churns and turns out ideas, puts out fires and attempts to present sales pitches (day job) and content (passion.)

I have a demanding job that I LOVE. However, the deep-seeded passion for natural health and healing set my soul on fire. When I’m not hustling medical devices, I follow these passions. That means, reading, writing, studying…in my spare time. Honestly, every spare minute I have.

Every Monday, I feel as if I take a deep breath, a sip of my hot tea and step onto the hamster wheel…

…until I can get off sometime around 6 Friday evening.

My Fridays involve dinner, drinks and deep conversation. Friday Night Dinner is always mindful. And joyful.

I credit some of my energy to the shift to a conscious nourishment mindset. It doesn’t hurt that my stomach has lost some of its bloat and my skin health has improved-leaving behind only slight trauma from the Great Rosacea Crisis of 2016.

My thoughts are evolving to ‘what is the best choice I can make for my body’ and I’m listening. I’ve been enjoying fresh, vibrant veggies for a few weeks now and I feel less…heavy…less sore. I’m mindfully eating what is in front of me and I’m starting to feel better.

My friends at Rollin’ Local and I are working on a collaboration so I’m trying amazing new recipes and seeing how well the dishes travel. July is the perfect month to test our new brainchild since its always packed with travel. Being able to bring my own fresh food has been incredible, has kept me on track, kept my energy intact and my immune system strong (so far, so good.)

With the rush of this wild month, I’ve realized… I’m moving…Hell, I burn out my hamster track…But, how AM I moving?

When not wearing scrubs, my uniform includes leggings, a sports bra, tank and t-shirt. I lace up my tennis shoes, pray my favorite pair of socks are clean and pull my hair into a ponytail.

But, really. Where am I going???

I’m busy. We are all busy. Just ask us! As women, we wear it as a badge of honor. But, what are we busy DOING?

Where is the woman that says ‘I have been doing nothing at all….just relaxing and taking care of myself.’ (Sigh…#goals)

I’m tired. We are ALL tired. Every woman I know. Tired from the busyness of life. The million directions, the many roles we play and the multitude of people and things that need constant attention. My energy is waning just thinking about it.

The journal prompts from the past 2 weeks has helped me develop a nighttime routine that relaxes me. I’m resting better because I’m eating better but I still have some nervous energy.

One day, I was out walking the dogs, and I realized something… Life is a series of marathons filled with several sprints, pushing us toward the finish line.

The marathons are the long-term goals we slowly chip away at and the sprints are the bursts of activity to move us closer to that goal. The sprints are the days or weeks when we jump onto the hamster wheel, holding on for dear life.

The amazing news is that we can step off to regroup.

Taking 30 minutes a day to walk clears the mind.

The 15 minutes spent journaling at night can unburden your soul and allow you to rest easier.

Fifteen minutes of being still can shift your energy into the things you want to accomplish that day.

Can one hour a day make that much

 of a difference?

You bet it can.

Everything has a cycle. We do, too. Without rest and renewal, we cannot run the race to our fullest potential. I think the Franklin Covey system calls it ‘Sharpening the Saw.’

On the other hand, if we don’t participate or exert effort, we cannot fully appreciate relaxation. (Just let me keep telling myself this, k?)

Life certainly is a balance, isn’t it?

When I think of the way to make my body the most relaxed, I come to 2 conflicting solutions:

Move More & Find the Stillness.

Taking a brisk walk or hitting the treadmill will do wonders. Breaking a sweat makes you feel powerful when suffering through and accomplished when done.

On the other hand, sitting in total stillness allows all swirling thoughts to vaporize and clear the mind.

Both are equally important. Both are POWERFUL when combined.

But, how do we marry the 2?




How old are you today? How old will you be 5 years from now?

Sit with yourself a moment and really think about what that looks like.

Take a moment to write out your vision.

Make your statements as if they have already happened and avoid being too specific.

This is always a challenging exercise for me, so here is mine as an example:

I will be 49 (yikes!)

I am healthy and youthful with strong financial Independence. My husband, Jack, and I own a peaceful home that is most in alignment for city dwellers who love nature, animals and plants.

My professional career is thriving and I am fulfilled mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Use this format with statement that alight with your future.


Set aside 30 minutes a day to move.

Walk, run, skip. It doesn’t matter. Just move.

Move more.

It’s okay to break your movement into a few 10 minute sessions. Just make a conscious effort to move more than you do now.


When asked how you are doing, do you often reply with ‘I’m so busy?’ Is it just a word you use to not have to dive into a deeper conversation? If not, scoot on to Finding the Stillness but, if you are like me and feel ‘busy,’ lets talk:

Really think of the word busy and what that means to you. Imagine yourself when you have that busy, on the edge of overwhelmed feeling.

Think about how you spend your time and who surrounds you. Can you see any ways you are wasteful of your time or energy?

Are you fulfilled in the activity you are engaged in or is it just mindless tasks?

Over the course of the next week, observe yourself and see what surfaces.

Pay attention to your instinctive reply of ‘oh, we’ve been so busy’ and shift that into something positive.

For example, I have started saying, “Oh, things are great. We have been building our new website.” It keeps me from a knee-jerk response, allows me to share something that excites me and encourages the other person to think about something they are excited to share instead of bragging about the busy.


Stillness is not my strong suit. As a matter of fact, I’m filled with restless energy.

Moving alone is not always enough.

Apps like Calm are helpful for pausing. But, at the very least, tuning in to a 432 Hz music station and setting your timer for 10 minutes will do wonders for you.

Meditation is an age-old concept that has helped generations of mind to become more sharp and aware.

Find a comfortable place to rest. Sitting or laying down is the most preferable for most people.

Close your eyes.

Allow yourself to enjoy the darkness and breathe naturally.

When you become ‘bored,’ focus on your breathing. Count 8 breaths for an inhale and 8 for an exhale.

Continue this cycle for 10 minutes a day for the next week. See what that looks like for you and if it makes any improvements in your overall well-being.


If you are following along with our Self-Care series, and would be interested in more mindful discussions on health and healing, drop me a line with what topics you wish to explore a little deeper.

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