This is a clear piture of water being infused with lemons, strawberries and cucumbers.

Water is Life! Three Simple ways to Increase Hydration without Feeling Water-Logged

Water is one of the sources of life.

I’m often puzzled when someone tells me they don’t drink or like it. Without proper hydration, I am sluggish, foggy and my skin starts to get GRUMPY!!

How can the body function at its best when it does not receive the most basic of needs?

Recent studies claim that 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated……Seriously, SEVENTY-FIVE PERCENT of you are walking around out there thirsty as hell!

Partially kidding but, the reality is simple:

One of the first steps toward maintaining a healthy system is to increase daily water intake.

I’m not going to drone on about the benefits of drinking water or why you should drink more- you already know that or you wouldn’t still be with me, right?!

Instead, let’s discuss a few ways you can increase your intake (and, hydration)….all in ways that will work from the biggest water-haters out there.

(Mom- I’m talking to you…)

Sole Water

Sole water, pronounced, So-Lay. Ever heard of it?

Well, I’m not going to lie… when I heard of this salty concoction, I was confused…

…The idea of having saltwater for breakfast seems the opposite of hydrating but look at this:

According to, it ‘is a brine with a high concentration of electrolytes that becomes ionized when dissolved in liquid, which is taken every morning as a nutritional supplement.’

Taking 1 tsp daily of sole can help re-mineralize your body, pull out stored toxins, feed the cells so your immune system functions more effectively and help detoxify the body of Mercury and other heavy metals.

Among the many benefits of drinking Sole water, it helps with hydration, improves digestion, increases energy, improves blood sugar & acts as a natural antihistamine (hello to my friends with rosacea and histamine intolerance!!!)

Intrigued??? I was, too…

Where to get Solay Himalayan Salt:

When I first learned of Sole water, I found a brand from Indusclassic on Amazon. When I tracked down the company, I was surprised to learn my Solay Salt came from a distributor right here in Houston!!

Salt Wonders is located at 6300 Westpark Drive in Houston, TX 77057.

How to Make Sole water:

Place a few chunks sole in glass jar and fill with purified water. Let the chunks melt & disappear to become sole water. Every morning, on an empty stomach take out 1 teaspoon of sole and add to 8 oz water & drink. Wait 15 minutes before eating and drinking anything else.

While this is not a beverage you will sip to enjoy it will give you an electrolyte boost & intense hydration first thing in the morning, setting your body & cells on the path to wellness.

Flavored Waters

This may be one of the easiest ways to increase your water intake. By simply infusing water with fruits and herbs you can change the way you look at water. Oranges, cucumbers, berries, lemons, mint, basil…the combination options are endless!!

I own this amazing infuser but your fruit can be thrown into any container of water for an immediate flavor boost. If you want to dip your toe in the ‘water’ without committing to buying an infuser, simply add your mixture to a mason jar and seal the lid.

Allow water to sit for 15 minutes; then, pour into a glass, strain the fruit and enjoy! Keeping the fruit in the jar, refill continually throughout the day. Obviously, the longer the mixture sits, the stronger the flavor.

While there are hundreds of variations, my favorite is cucumber, strawberry, lemon and mint. I just chop, add and fill with water.


According to legend, in 2737 BC, the Chinese Emperor Shen Nung was sitting beneath a tree while his servant was boiling drinking water. Some of the leaves from the tree, the Camellia Sinensis, blew into the water and the resulting drink is what we know of today as tea.
Kinda cool, right?

While there is no way to verify this story, we do know that infusing leaves, herbs and spices in boiling water creates an infusion that flavors the water resulting in a delicious beverage that will help increase your intake without the pain of drinking ‘tasteless water.’

Any herbal infusion of leaves will work- red clover, chamomile, green tea, white tea…again, the possibilities are endless.

My SIL gifted me with this amazing tea infuser that I simply cannot live without. It makes clean up easy and is the perfect portion size for the lone tea drinker.

My favorite daily tea- Nettle & Mint infusion.

1 TBSP Dried Nettle leaf
3 leaves fresh mint
2 Cups Hot Water

Place Nettle Leaf & Mint in bottom of infuser.

Boil water and carefully pour over nettle/ mint mixture.

Let steep for 10 minutes and serve warm or over ice.

*If you aren’t quite committed to buying the life-changing tea infuser (lol!) simply add your herbs to a mason far, add 2 cups of water, seal and infuse or 10 minutes.

So, there you have it….A few easy ways to hydrate while enjoying each sip. Comment below with any tips and tricks that help you? We would love to know more!!

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