This is an array of Chinese lanterns. They colors are hues or bright reds and blues. Paper Money hangs from the base of the lanterns.

To Thy Own Self Be True- Day Two

To Thy Own Self be True

Forty Days to Rest, Renew & Restore

Day TWO:

Today is a Friday. Lunar New Year. The Year of the Low Earth Dog.

While I am no expert, it is my understanding that the Year of the Earth Dog means tremendous healing for Mother Earth and her inhabitants.

Sounds like just what the doctor ordered, doesn’t it?

If you have been following our Cypress Family Farm to Kitchen Instagram page, you already know I am a HUGE fan of Asian cuisine. Any reason to enjoy it is always welcome so, of course, I woke up in desperate need of Shanghai Street dumplings.

We planned to go to Chinatown but days of being on the road prompted a shorter drive to Kim Son Café in Memorial.

Walking to the entrance, leaves of lettuce attached to red envelopes hung from the ceiling an the place was decorated in beautiful red and gold with yellow flowers and lanterns.

After enjoying our meal, the Manager greeted each table with little red envelopes that we could fill with money and ‘feed to the lion for luck.’

Not sure what was up but always looking for an experience, we filled the envelope with a few dollars and waited.

Suddenly, the room filled with the beat of drums and a sparkle of chimes. A parade of ‘lions’ and their handlers danced into the room, circling the patrons blinking with eyes that ‘flirted’ for money.

As the music grew and the lions charmed their audience you could feel amazing energy building.

Each lion consisted of two people- one in the front and one in the back. When prompted by the tamer, the front person of the lion was hoisted up on the HEAD of the person in the back to devour the lettuce in it’s giant mouth.

All the while, keeping the beat to the music. It was exhilarating!!

We left, filled with exhilaration and joy, and headed to a nearby Asian market, 99 Ranch. Everyone in the store was buzzing with warmth. I grabbed a few things including some green tea pastries and a few red envelopes for 2 of my Nail Techs I see regularly.

The lady behind me was brimming with cheer and a slight sense of urgency. She only had one item so I allowed her to move in front of us. She proceeded to tell me about her Chinese culture, the 7 foods one should eat during the Lunar New Year, the importance of not sweeping on New Years Day and why she was wearing red and gold. She beamed as she told me her and her daughter had been texting all day- the most they had in months.

She shouted ‘Happy New Year- may you receive Health and Wealth in the coming year’ and she was off in a streak of red & gold.

On the way home, I stopped to see my ladies, Rose and Mindy. As soon as Mindy saw me and the armful of gifts, she jumped up from her workstation and hugged me with fervor and exclaimed ‘oh my goodness, YOU REMEMBERED!!!’

I remembered her. She saw my appreciation for her culture and I acknowledged this incredibly important day for her and it made all of the difference.

I, then, realized the importance of Random Acts of Kindness (RAK.) The recipient of your kindness WILL feel  the ripple of love, happiness and renewal from your thoughtfulness.

My friend, Judith, of Your Well Being Guide, has been speaking to her online community about Random Acts of Kindness Week (which happened to be this week) and today, her daily inspiration really resonated.

So friends, today, DAY TWO, I urge you to commit ONE simple act of Random Kindness as part of our 40 days of Rest, Renewal and Restoration. It’s simple and beautiful and will fill you with self love….Which just so happens to be the cornerstone of Self-Care!

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