This is a collage of images and words to inspire people to create their vision board.

Vision Board 101

What is a vision board?

A vision board is a collage of mixed images affixed to any sort of board for the things you want to attract info your life. It will be the visual representation of your goals and your timeline- will your board will give you a visual representation to help you focus on goals for the coming year, or month, lifetime, chapter in your life, etc.

Thinking through your goals and the timeline on which you hope to reach these goals will help clarify and maintain focus on YOUR specific life goals and by when you wish to accomplish them.

A well-crafted board will display personalized images that represent the things you want to do…where you want to be…and, whatever you want to have.

When placed in a location where you will see it daily, you will have a constant reminder of the things you are seeking. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?!!

Great; but, where do you start???

The following steps will get you on your way to creating the best vision board yet!

First, determine what you want to accomplish.

Simple enough, right?

Wrong. For a scatter-brain like me, that was the million-dollar question. I like ‘stuff’ and I welcome any & all blessings but, what did I really, truly want to accomplish?

After some serious soul searching and several sessions on my yoga mat, I realized that I wanted to create a balanced board to represent my life.

I decided on a board in 4 quadrants.

(Choose any number of sections depending upon your desires. It can be Health…Wealth…Happiness…and on…and on….Just think about what areas in your life are you looking to fulfill.)

Then, think about how to organize your board.

What areas in your life are you looking to fulfill?

Personally, my four quadrants focused on:

Personal Growth;
• Professional Abundance;
• The things bring peace;
• and, Community Service.

Personal Growth

Where do you want to grow as a person? Spiritually; emotionally; professionally; intellectually? What improves your awareness or strengthens your identity? What will develop your natural talents and potential. Mostly, what is it that will improve your quality of life and help you realize your dreams and aspirations?

Professional Abundance

What does Professional Abundance in the coming year look like for you? Is it a pay raise, a promotion, paying for your children’s college, (paying off your own student loans…?) or having enough money to retire?

Think about your own definition of Professional Abundance and let those things resonate with you for a moment. What would you like to see come into your life in the immediate and not so immediate future? Write down a few short things that come to mind.

My immediate goals for the coming year are to see great success with Flourishing Fern and learn to use my camera like a pro. While the focus of my board is primarily on 2018, I also cut out images that would serve me well into my future…A little cottage in the country surrounded by trees and nature- things I desire but that I did not see happening within a short year.

I also cut out and arranged numbers and letters that identified my personal retirement goal.

Things that bring peace.

For some, being around children, appreciating art, writing, painting, walking, yoga are all things that bring them joy…what is it that calms your soul and allows you to be in the moment without even thinking about it?

For me, it’s laughter, appreciating my blessings and building my spirituality and you can see that reflected throughout every quadrant on my board but specifically in this section.

Community Service

I believe it is important to serve your community. I will elaborate at some point, but you are not here just to take from your community; it is your responsibility to give more than you get.

Volunteer work, serving on your neighborhood board…what are the things you can do to improve your little corner of the world?

Last, think of your ‘Timeline?’

Now that you have identified what areas to fulfill identify your ‘timeline.’

Will your board focus on immediate goals or those that may take years to accomplish? Like me, you could choose to focus on both.

The number of things you would like to accomplish will help you determine the size of your board…In our next post, we will explore the materials you will need to make the most kick ass vision board that will help you achieve all that you want to accomplish!

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