Parent Child Astrology Reading


Are you a parent who feels frustrated and overwhelmed with your child’s behavior and is looking to understand them on a deeper level?

Are you an adult facing challenges left unhealed from childhood?

Whether you are a child, seeking to understand your parents or if you are parent struggling to understand your own child. This reading is for YOU!

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This is one of the most sensitive and difficult topics for ALL of us.

The Parent Child Astrology Reading is designed to look at the parent-child dynamic…on a soul level.

It is deep. It is raw. And, it is sometimes painful.

It is also beautiful, inspirational and written in the stars.

Whether you are a child, seeking to understand your parents or if you are parent struggling to understand your child, this reading will provide you with valuable insight into the parent-child dynamic of the intended.

Parents- I will provide a brief overview of your child’s personality as it is represented in their birth chart. This will provide a deeper understand their behaviors and some strategies you may be able to employ. You will gain an understanding of how your child perceives their side of the parent-child dynamic and ways you can connect with them and help them be ‘seen.’

Children- We will look at an overview of each parent’s personality as is it represented in your birth chart after discussing your own sun, moon, rising and elements. You will gain a greater understanding of WHY your parents were chosen for you and what their contribution may be to your soul’s journey. You will gain a deeper understanding of yourself by really ‘seeing’ your inner child through the eyes of your creators.

FINE PRINT: Please allow up to to 2 weeks for our session after the time of purchase. This will allow me to attune to your astrological blueprint. After booking a session, you will receive a calendar invitation to schedule our virtual meeting.

I will need the following information to complete our session:

Exact Birth Date

Exact Birth Time

Location of Birth

NOTE REGARDING BIRTH TIME: an accurate birth time is very important. Astrology is based on mathematics and each degree counts. Most states provide Time of Birth on Birth Certificates. I cannot guestimate times as it will alter your reading slightly and not provide you with them most accurate results.

PS. This reading is what made me decide to share Astrology professionally. My wish is that this reading provides you with the peace, healing and compassion it has allowed me when I was struggling with my own parent-child dynamic. Thank you for trusting me to guide you through.


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