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Are you looking for greater fulfillment in your life?

Can’t shake the feeling that there is something a little greater that you want to be doing or should be doing?

This is the reading for you!

Take the first step to your self-discovery and book your session TODAY!!!

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A Discovery Astrology Reading will lead you to a deeper understanding of yourself while providing you the tools to master your energy on a deeper, more mindful level.

We will dig into the basics of your Astrological Birth chart by placing an emphasis on your Sun, Moon, Rising Sign, Midheaven and overall astrological themes in your birth chart. We will take a look at your Human Design and planetary elements to discuss which foods, herbs and alignment techniques will best suit your individual needs.

My clients note that they walk away from a Discovery reading feeling empowered with a deeper sense of understanding and purpose. Take the first step toward self-discovery and book your one-on-one session TODAY!

FINE PRINT: Readings may take up to 2 weeks to schedule our session after the time of purchase. This will allow me to fully attune to your astrological blueprint. After booking a session, you will receive a calendar invitation to schedule our virtual meeting!

I will need the following information to complete our session:

Exact Birth Date

Exact Birth Time

Location of Birth

NOTE REGARDING BIRTH TIME: an accurate birth time is very important. Astrology is based on mathematics and each degree counts. Most states provide Time of Birth on Birth Certificates. I cannot guestimate times as it will alter your reading slightly and not provide you with them most accurate results.



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