This is a blog graphic/ title page of a mother and daugther in the kitchen together. It's a bird's eye view.

During quarantine 2020, parents everywhere had a ‘come to Jesus’ meeting with themselves. Some admitted that their kids were turds and felt waves of empathy for teachers across the world. Others were unwilling to face some facts and soaked themselves in Chardonnay and nachos. (This would be me.) Really though, almost ALL of my momma-friends…Continue Reading “How to get the Kid’s involved in the Kitchen…without losing your mind.”

In Defense of my Obligatory New Year’s day post

Happy New -DECADE,- Y’all! Not sure about you but, it’s been one hell of an end to 2010’s over here. I’m not sure if the excitement from the holidays has me buzzing or if the promise of a new beginning is most intriguing but this January 1st finds me with hope and inspiration! Ushering in…Continue Reading “In Defense of my Obligatory New Year’s day post”