Yuletide Cheer Handcrafted Winter Tea


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This may be my favorite of all of the handcrafted teas we make in the apothecary! Our Yuletide Cheer is an artfully crafted tea using locally grown hibiscus and locally grown butterfly pea.

Butterfly Pea flower is loaded with antioxidants and lends a deep blue hue when mixed with water. Known for it’s beauty benefits it is a rich female tonic. Butterfly Pea flower has potential cognitive support benefits while easing occasional stress.

I, personally, find butterfly pea flower to be a natural aphrodisiac!!

This gorgeous tea is a deep purple hue and is a perfect substitute for wine.

INGREDIENTS: Roselle, Butterfly Pea, Ginger, Cinnamon and Clove.

Order is for (1) ounce of our handcrafted, locally grown tea.


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