Canteloupe & Cucumber Salad

Have you ever had watermelon salad?

The first time I had it was at a backyard BBQ when Honey brought it. Never, EVER had I had watermelon and feta in the same dish. It was DIVINE.

So divine, in fact, that I make this dish a variety of ways. (You haven’t LIVED until you’ve had a watermelon wedge drizzled with bluecheese.)

A lovely friend made watermelon salad skewers and it got me thinking…what could I do with CANTALOUPE?

A few days later, I was asked to cater a birthday party and the cucumber salad skewer was born.

I’ve had this cantaloupe salad with both feta and mozzarella and, let me tell you…BOTH are amazing.

I’ve found mozzarella goes best with skewers or caprese style and feta goes best in a traditional salad.

Looking for a quick and easy Appetizer recipe? Well, this one is easy, fun and won’t take hours…but, it will look like you have!


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