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Hi, y’all!!!

My name is Brandi McRill- your hostess here at The Flourishing Times.

My husband, Jack, and I live in Cypress, TX- A growing community outside of Houston.

Here is a picture of Jack and I this past August in Roatan, Honduras:

Jack & Brandi in Roatan, Honduras- August 2017

While you won’t always find us in crystal clear water you will usually find us side-by-side- talking, laughing and enjoying this beautiful life and our many blessings.

First and foremost, you should know…my husband and I own Cypress Family Farm to Kitchen (CFF2K) and her sister company, Flourishing Fern.

Cypress Family Farm to Kitchen is a hybrid of a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) and a veggie co-op. Basically, we form relationships with farmers we know and trust. These farmers grow veggies and raise animals in a way that are as responsible as possible. Our veggie farmers do not use pesticides, fungicides and herbicides and the animals our farmers, ranchers and ‘Shepherd’s’ raise reside in the green pastures nature intended free of stress, worry and ‘junk food.’

Flourishing Fern is a small batch soap company that focuses on using clean ingredients in our soaps, salves, tinctures, lotions and balms. Our lifestyle products currently consist of hats, bags and bath accessories. Each product is as locally hand crafted as possible and on-trend for the woman who wants a laid-back style with a special touch of grace. Each product has a story and is infused with a deep passion built from our rich family histories.

The Flourishing Times will focus on the following things:
• My love of fresh, locally grown food;
• My obligation to my community;
• My responsibility to practice self-care (and inspire you do it, too!)
• My absolute obsession with tea, herbs, yoga;
• And, everything in between.

The time to be your best you and have a flourishing life is NOW. The ability to buy local from people you know is easier now more than ever. The option to create a healthier lifestyle free of chemicals in a factory free environment is yours…and, you can start TODAY.

I’m looking forward to our journey together and I hope to inspire you, your home and your family table.

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Brandi McRill is a food and lifestyle blogger who owns Flourishing Fern Farm to Home. Brandi has well-rounded interests, focusing on living an all-natural lifestyle by avoiding chemicals, using plants as medicine and eating seasonally through her veggie co-op (and Community Service Project,) Cypress Family Farm to Kitchen. She and her husband, Jack, live in Cypress, TX with 2 rescue pups, Doug and Ouisie (pronounced Wheezy!).

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